Our Dogs

This is Rico. He is 16. His tongue hangs out because he has no teeth to hold it in.
This is ChiChi. She is 15. She lost her eye a few months ago and like Rico, now has no teeth.
Emmitt was a rescue from a kill shelter. We estimate he is 12-14. He was going to be put down the day he came to our home. He has trouble walking and his hips are bad, Although he still has a fierce appetite, he has trouble maintaining weight. He has lost all of his spunk.
Fernando is the baby of the bunch at 12! Well, not really as we have Charlie who is only 2, but he is not housed with all of the elderly population. Most of them can’t wait to go out and have digestive issues, so they are all contained to one area with wee-wee pads. He still loves attention like being petted but can not handle the pain of being lifted or held well. He has sever arthritis and hip problems. He is also the family howler…
Rico and ChiChi are roommates most of the time.
Rico and ChiChi are roommates most of the time.
This is Charles Emerson Winchester III. Or, Charlie. He is our puppy at 2. A Morkie (1/2 Maltese 1/2 Yorkie).