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El Guapo

El Guapo? John Spagnolo is El Guapo

El Guapo is John Spagnolo!

My name is John Spagnolo. I am “El Guapo” (The Handsome). I mean, c’mon. Just look at me! Handsome. Guapo. “The Handsome!”

El Guapo Photo
El Guapo. The infamous El Guapo!

Here are some more images of me, El Guapo. You might say a plethora of El Guapo images!

I hope you have a sense of humor! This is just a joke, based on a nickname I use online. I actually chose it because I love the movie Three Amigos. Also because just like the other El Guapo, I am very ugly! Although I think he may have me beat there.
I also used to have a van I called El Guapo. It was ugly!

Below is an EXCLUSIVE VIDEO of El Guapo himself! Well, exclusive ither than on YouTube, where 1.5 billion people have access to it. But other than that, this is it! Exclusive!

If for any reason the video doesn’t play, here is the El Guapo Video on YouTube.

El Guapo’s Birthday Celebration:
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